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9/12/2022 1:58:48 AM

Privacy Policy

Lencam knows that the privacy and security of personal information is very important to its users, so Lencam is committed to doing its utmost to protect the privacy of Lencam Users.

This Privacy Policy describes how Lencam collects and processes personal information when Lencam Users use Lencam's services. Lencam users agree to use Lencam's services means that Lencam Users fully agree to the contents of this Privacy Policy. Lencam may modify the content of the policy by posting a revised version on Lencam's system, the revised version effective from the time of posting. If Lencam User continues to use the Service, it means that Lencam User accepts and definitely agrees to abide by the most updated Terms of Use.

1. Information Lencam needs Lencam Users to provide

To be able to fully use the utilities on Lencam's software products, Lencam Users need to register as a member and provide their personal information. The information Lencam needs the Lencam User to provide is basic information including but not limited to the following information about the Lencam User:

• Name of company, store, business unit

• Full name, age, residential address

• Email, mobile number, landline number

• IP address (Internet Protocol), type of web browser (Browser), line speed, number of pages Lencam User viewed, time Lencam User visited, addresses accessed by this Browser.

All user information provided to Lencam will be stored on Lencam's system at Lencam's office. When needed, Lencam users can ask about the collection and processing of information related to their personal information security at the address:


• Head office address: TH Building, 3 lane 3 Duy Tan, Dich Vong Hau ward, Cau Giay, Hanoi

• Phone number: 0888.553.8888

2. How does Lencam protect and retain the personal information of Lencam Users?

Lencam stores and processes Lencam Users' personal information on a server, Lencam protects it with physical and electronic safeguards including: firewalls, data encryption and applicable procedures. information privacy law. Lencam enforces physical access control to information and Lencam only allows access to personal information to employees who need it to fulfill their job responsibilities within the Lencam system.

All customer data will still be stored on Lencam's system within 06 months from the date of termination of the software supply contract or since the customer stops using the software on Lencam's mobile application. . After 6 months, customer data will no longer be stored on Lencam's system.

3. When will Lencam User's information be stored in Lencam's system?

Lencam User's information will be saved by Lencam on Lencam's system in the following common cases:

(a) When a Lencam User registers and/or uses the Lencam Services, or opens an account with Lencam.

(b) When a Lencam User submits any form including but not limited to forms or other forms relating to Lencam products and services, either online or in documentary form physics.

(c) When a Lencam User enters into any agreement or provides any other document or information regarding your interaction with Lencam, or your use of Lencam products and services.

(d) When a Lencam User interacts with Lencam, such as by phone, (which may be recorded), mail, fax, face-to-face, social media and email.

(e) When a Lencam User uses electronic services or interacts with Lencam through the Lencam Platform or uses a service on the Lencam Platform. This includes, but is not limited to, cookies Lencam may deploy when you interact with a Lencam application or Platform.

(f) When a Lencam User makes a transaction through the Lencam Platform or Services;

(g) When Lencam Users submit Lencam feedback or complaints;

(h) When a Lencam User provides his or her personal data to Lencam for any reason;

(i) Other cases that Lencam deems necessary in accordance with the provisions of law.

4. What is the Lencam User's information kept for?

Lencam's goal is to provide businesses and users with a service infrastructure for brand promotion and development, and business expansion on the Internet in an effective, cost- and time-optimized manner. Therefore, Lencam stores and uses the personal information of Lencam Users in order to:

• Provide information, services and support requested by Lencam Users

• Send emails to notify Lencam's typical programs and events

• Resolving disputes and arising issues related to the use of Lencam Website/ Lencam Application

• Prevent illegal or prohibited activities outlined in the Terms of Use

• Measure and improve Lencam's services

• Compare and contrast the accuracy of information provided by Lencam Users with third parties

• Other purposes permitted by law and Lencam will notify the Lencam User on a case-by-case basis.

When using Lencam Website/Lencam App, Lencam User understands and accepts that Lencam has access to data on Lencam User's Lencam software-linked phone such as: Read and write to phone book, retrieve Lencam User's current location, write Lencam Website/Lencam Application data to memory card, access Internet from Lencam User's device.

All these accesses are only made by Lencam with the consent of the Lencam User. Once Lencam User has granted permission to Lencam, it is acknowledged by all parties that Lencam User will not have any claim with respect to such access;

Lencam commits to absolutely keep all information of Lencam Users private when using Lencam's software and applications and will not disclose it to third parties unless approved by Lencam Users or requested from other parties. authorized state agency or permitted by law. Lencam only changes Lencam User's information on Lencam Website/Lencam App upon consent or confirmation of Lencam User's request.

5. What do Lencam users need to do to secure information?

After completing the handover of products and services, Lencam users are the only units that own and are responsible for securely managing identification information, administrative accounts, passwords, website content. or other information related to your account, website. Lencam users can log in to their account to edit information, have the right to request Lencam to check, update, adjust or cancel their personal information registered with Lencam. Lencam will check, update, adjust and cancel the personal information of Lencam Users upon request or provide the information subject with tools to self-check, update and adjust personal information of Lencam. me. Lencam only supports Lencam Users through an account actively provided to Lencam by Lencam Users. Lencam users immediately notify Lencam when they detect unauthorized access to their account or security loopholes, including loss, theft or disclosure of confidential information. password and other security information for support.

Lencam users are solely responsible for the content of emails sent from the mailbox in their account and the content on their website. When a Lencam User provides an email and signs up for a trial, the Lencam User agrees to receive marketing emails from Lencam.

Lencam users using the Lencam Website/Lencam App are responsible for maintaining the device using the software, installing the Lencam App in control and safe, keeping access information to the Store to avoid school account theft and/or misuse for unsafe purposes for both Lencam and Lencam Users. Lencam recommends that Lencam Users change their password soon after providing the password to relevant parties for the purpose of supporting its use.

Lencam will not be responsible for any unauthorized third-party intrusion into the Lencam User's Store due to the negligence on the part of the Lencam User.

6. Persons or entities authorized to access Lencam User information

Lencam undertakes not to provide personal information of Lencam Users to any third parties. However, other individuals and organizations may have access to Lencam User's information in the following cases:

• Information that Lencam Users have made public

• Lencam is consented to by the Lencam User to disclose this information

• A third party that Lencam User authorizes or permits requires Lencam to provide Lencam User's personal information, the authorization, permission must be shown in a notarized, authenticated document.

• Upon legal request or from a governmental agency or if Lencam believes such action is necessary to comply with legal requirements or to comply with the law

• Protecting someone else's rights, interests, property and safety on the basis of balancing the interests of all parties

• To other third parties with which Lencam has a joint venture or association to provide services on Lencam or new Lencam-related services of which Lencam Users are also using those affiliated services on parts of Lencam's soft.

In addition to the above cases but not limited to, the personal information of Lencam Users is always kept confidential from third parties unless Lencam fully believes that this disclosure is necessary to prevent damage. material or financial due to potentially illegal factors.

7. Information management on the website

Lencam users can access, correct and update information on their website by logging in and using administrative features. Lencam is not responsible for the accuracy and legality of the information Lencam Users post on the website.

8. Use of Cookies

A cookie is a data file that is placed on the Lencam User's hard disk by Lencam's server. Lencam uses Cookies to personalize and improve the use of Lencam Users' time online.

Cookies will help Lencam recognize the Lencam User if the Lencam User visits multiple pages of the Lencam website in the same session, so that Lencam does not need to ask for the Lencam User's password on each page. After the Lencam User logs out or closes the browser, this cookie will expire and no longer have any effect. Lencam users can accept or refuse to use cookies. Most Browsers automatically accept cookies, but Lencam Users can change the setting to refuse all cookies if Lencam Users prefer. However, if a Lencam User chooses to refuse cookies, it may interfere with and affect some cookie-dependent services and features at Lencam.

9. Delete Facebook account data

Lencam applications are subject to the provisions of the Privacy Policy in the “Meta Platform Terms”.

If the user wishes to completely delete personal account data on Lencam's platform, please send a request to delete shared data to email [email protected]. Then the Lencam user's account will be removed and the associated data will not be saved.

10. Complaint settlement

Any comments or complaints, Lencam users please send to Lencam by the following methods, email to [email protected], or contact directly:


• Head office address: TH Building, 3 lane 3 Duy Tan, Dich Vong Hau ward, Cau Giay, Hanoi

• Phone number: 0888.553.8888

Depending on the complexity of the complaint, Lencam will have a corresponding processing time. Complaint settlement results will be notified to Lencam Users, in case of necessity, Lencam can invite complainants to work directly. Lencam will make every effort to always resolve the complaints of Lencam Users as soon as possible and in the spirit of negotiation, reconciliation, respect, and mutual benefits.

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